How to Access Blocked Website on Internet in your Country?

How to Access Blocked Website on Internet in your Country?


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About Internet Censorship

Internet censorship is the control or suppression of what can be accessed, published, or viewed on the Internet. It may be carried out by governments or by private organizations at the behest of government, regulators, or on their own initiative. Individuals and organizations may engage in self-censorship for moral, religious, or business reasons, to conform to societal norms, due to intimidation, or out of fear of legal or other consequences.[1]

The extent of Internet censorship varies on a country-to-country basis. While most democratic countries have moderate Internet censorship, other countries go as far as to limit the access of information such as news and suppress discussion among citizens.[1]

Internet censorship also occurs in response to or in anticipation of events such as elections, protests, and riots. An example is the increased censorship due to the events of the Arab Spring. Other areas of censorship includes copyrights, defamation, harassment, and obscene material. Support for and opposition to Internet censorship also varies.

In a 2012 Internet Society survey 71% of respondents agreed that “censorship should exist in some form on the Internet”. In the same survey 83% agreed that “access to the Internet should be considered a basic human right” and 86% agreed that “freedom of expressionshould be guaranteed on the Internet”.


How to access blocked website on Internet?


So, lets get Started unblocking these website in your web browser.

Here are few best method. Select your preferred one, and get done with it.

Also be AWARE of, that according to the method below, you can just unblock the website only for you/ your browser, and you can’t unblock it for whole country.

1. Unblock Website Directly

To Unblock website directly, just type “https://www.” orhttps://” before the url in the address bar of the web browser. HTTPS stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure.

It works for many website, but all website are not unblocked through this. If you are facing problem/unable to access with this method, then try other method.

2. Unblock Website through a Secure Website which provide the secure DNS option

Pros: Can unblock any site in any country, almost 100% internet speed,totally free

Cons: Nothing

How to use this?

  1. Go this web site [Click Here].
  2. Enter the url of the web site you want to be unlocked.
  3. Click Go ! and you are good to go.


3. Use Ultrasurf

Pros: Can unblock any site in any country, almost 100% internet speed,totally free

Cons : Nothing

How to use this?

  1. Download Ultra Surf  [Download Ultra Surf].
  2. No need of installation.Extract and run the exe file.
  3. Choose the server which has the best speed.
  4. Done :) check your IP to make sure you are unblocked.


4. Use Tor Browser

Pros: bullet proof (this is the best solution for internet anonymity,no one can find you), can unblock any web stuff

Cons : slow speed, need a separate browser called Tor Browser

How to use this? :

Download Tor Browser and Use . Its 100% free. [Download Tor Browser]


4. Change Your DNS to Google DNS, Open DNS

Pros : 100% internet speed,totally free

Cons : cannot unblock web sites in some countries, not easy to switch on and off

How to use this? : Go to these links and follow the steps. Google DNS / Open DNS


Know any other method? Share with us via Comments.